Homogenising and mixing technologyInnovation derived from experience

For more than 40 years now, BECOMIX has been developing intelligent technologies for the efficient production of semi-solid and liquid products. No mixing task poses too great a challenge for us. Our customised innovations set new standards time and time again around the world in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries. A few examples are given below:

  • Patented homogeniser with variable shear intensity through a change in rotational direction – in order to reduce the shear force without lowering the throughput or interrupting the process
  • Multi-patented agitation and scraper systems with diagonal mixing – for the shortest possible heating and cooling times
  • Hot/cold procedures – for great time savings, especially with large batches
  • Integrated CIP/SIP – for pharmaceutical-compliant production and cleaning
  • Patented Powder Jet technology – for the rapid and dust-free addition and dispersion of powders, e.g., Carbopol®
  • Homogeniser Plus – for shorter homogenisation times with batches as of 4,000 litres
Variable shear intensity
Variable shear intensity thanks to direction-changing
Pumping mode (anticlockwise)
Variable shear intensity thanks to direction-changing
Variable shear intensity thanks to direction-changing
Homogenising mode (clockwise)