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Our highly qualified team of installers and technicians handle the professional installation and commissioning of mixing technology around the world. We set up complete plants and integrate new components into existing systems. Our expertise ensures the long-term smooth and low-wear use of our solutions.

Worldwide installation

Four machines, two aircrafts, 40.000 litres additional production capacity for the toothpaste manufacturing

A delivery of four 10.000 litres production systems from BECOMIX to Japan had to go particularly quickly. Instead of being transported by container, the four RW 10000 S installations, intended for toothpaste production, were therefore shipped in two lots from our factory in Stuhr by plane to Japan.

Due to the size of the shipment, two Antonov AN-124 were chartered, one of the largest transport aircrafts in the world. With two systems each on board, the journey went in September and October via Leipzig to Osaka and from there by truck to the customer's factory, where the installations were eagerly awaited.

The new efficient BECOMIX technology "Homogenizer Plus" installed in the systems enables the customer to shorten production times by approx. 50 %. This is a completely different standard compared to other systems that are acurrently available on the market and the beginning of a new era of toothpaste production.