Laboratory homogenising mixerCompact design on a reduced scale ‚Äď for performing the same processes as with large-scale production


  • Product and procedure development
  • Production of clinical samples
  • Production of minimum quantities
  • Scale-up


  • 0.5 to 60 litres


  • Very simple and intuitive operation
  • Homogeniser with internal and external circulation
  • Anchor agitator with scrapers for horizontal and vertical mixing
  • Short heating and cooling times
  • Hygienic and dead space-free construction
  • ATEX zone 2 to 0 possible
  • cGMP
  • Comprehensive documentation (material and welding seams, installation and operation qualification IQ/OQ, various languages)
Laboratory homogenising mixer



RW 500 CD: Production with sterile and toxic ingredients Sterile powder supply directly in the mixer

(Sterile) ointments

RW 600 CD with integrated homogeniser. 400 litre pre-phase. Inline metering. Transfer lines. CIP/SIP.


LIM 400: Integrated turbo-dissolver and homogeniser in a single mixer. Heated direct transfer line to the filling line.


Main mixer RW 6600 S, several pre-phases, 4x  SV 6600 l product storage tanks, raw material dosing, recipe-guided control and CIP/SIP-automation (PROMAS CS Batch), storage tank managementsystem.

Cough syrup

RW 600 CD with pre-phase MV 500 + MV 300. Fully automated and self-supporting CIP/SIP. Use of membrane valves for sterile processes


Explosion prove zone 1. IQ/OQ. CFR 21 Part 11 software qualification. Recipe-guided control (PROMAS CS Batch). Total CIP.

Pharmaceutical creams

Main mixer RW 2.500 CD. Powder Jet technology. Recipe-guided control (PROMAS CS Batch). Automatic raw material dosing. CIP/SIP.

Pharmaceutical gels

Main mixer RW 2.000 S. pre-phase MV 400, MV 600. Inline raw material dosing. Inline process measurement. Sterile raw material supply.

Nose spray

Various devices with main mixer: RW 3.000, RW 2.500, RW 1.000. Pre-phase tank MV 1.000, MV 500. Simultaneous process thanks to automation.

Skin care products

LIM 60. One-pot procedure with a high degree of batch flexibility. Total CIP.


LVM 5.000 and LVM 10.000. Fully automated recipe-guided control (PROMAS CS Batch). Direct SLES dilution (cold process). Inline raw material dosing with tank farm. Paper-free documentation.

Shampoo/shower gel/conditioner

LVM 5.000 and LVM 10.000. Fully automated recipe-guided control (PROMAS CS Batch). Hot/ cold procedure for the fastest possible emulsifying process with large batches Inline raw material dosing with tank farm.

Sonnensprays/Rasierschäume/Deo Roll-on

Main mixer RW 500 CD. Pre-phase MV 300 with CIP turbo dissolver Powder Jet technology. Total CIP.


RW 10.000 S. homogeniser ‚ÄúPlus‚ÄĚ. Hollow baffle. PROMAS CS.


RW 600 CD. Inline dosing of ammoniac in the shearing gap. CIP. PROMAS CS.

Hair dyes

Main mixer RW 5.000. Pre-phase MV 5.000. Storage tanks 10 x 5,000. CIP/SIP. Total CIP. PROMAS CS Batch.

Sun screen

RW 250 CD. CIP. PromasCS. Powder Jet technology.


Main mixer RW 3.000 S. pre-phase 2 x MV 1.500. PROMAS CS Batch. Total CIP.


Main mixer RW 600 CD. Pre-phase MV 250. PROMAS CS Basic. Demineralised water dosing.

Silicone emulsions

Main mixer LVM 4.000. Pre-phase MV 3,000.

Silicone oils

Main mixer RW 5000 CD. Pre-phase MV 2000. PROMAS CS Basic. Inline raw material dosing.

Washing pastes

Main mixer MV 2.500. Pre-phase MV 2,000. Inline raw material dosing, inline filling line.


Main mixer RW 125 CD. PROMAS CS Basic.


MH 2.000 with MV 2.000. Homogeniser for wax emulsions. Turbo dissolver for wax melt.

Wax melt

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