(LVM) Large volume / low cost processorSpecially developed for the rapid and cost-effective production of low to medium viscosity products.


  • Low to medium viscosity emulsions and hot/cold emulsions
  • Liquids
  • Shampoos, deodorants, injectables, solutions


  • 125 to 20,000 litres


  • Homogeniser with internal and external circulation
  • Low-foam production
  • Hot/cold production
  • Instant dilution of SLS (LES/Texapon) in cold water
  • Hygienic and dead space-free construction
  • ATEX zone 2 to 0 possible
  • cGMP
  • Comprehensive documentation (material and welding seams, installation and operation qualification IQ/OQ, various languages)
(LVM) Large volume / low cost processor



Main mixer RW 6600 S, several pre-phases, 4x  SV 6600 l product storage tanks, raw material dosing, recipe-guided control and CIP/SIP-automation (PROMAS CS Batch), storage tank managementsystem.

Cough syrup

RW 600 CD with pre-phase MV 500 + MV 300. Fully automated and self-supporting CIP/SIP. Use of membrane valves for sterile processes


Main mixer RW 2.000 CD. Pre-phase MV 1.200. PROMAS CS Batch. Demineralised water dosing. Direct powder moistening below liquid level.


Main mixer RW 500 S. Sterile addition of raw materials. CIP/SIP. Atex zone 1.

Main mixer RW 2.000 S. pre-phase MV 400, MV 600. Inline raw material dosing. Inline process measurement. Sterile raw material supply.

Nose spray

LVM 5.000 and LVM 10.000. Fully automated recipe-guided control (PROMAS CS Batch). Direct SLES dilution (cold process). Inline raw material dosing with tank farm. Paper-free documentation.

Shampoo/shower gel/conditioner

LVM 5.000 and LVM 10.000. Fully automated recipe-guided control (PROMAS CS Batch). Hot/ cold procedure for the fastest possible emulsifying process with large batches Inline raw material dosing with tank farm.

Sonnensprays/Rasiersch├Ąume/Deo Roll-on

RW 600 CD. Inline dosing of ammoniac in the shearing gap. CIP. PROMAS CS.

Hair dyes

Main mixer LVM 4.000. Pre-phase MV 3,000.

Silicone oils

Main mixer MV 2.500. Pre-phase MV 2,000. Inline raw material dosing, inline filling line.


Main mixer RW 125 CD. PROMAS CS Basic.


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